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Friday, December 21, 2012


Hey guys! I know I'm going to be doing a lot of traveling this week, and some of you might be too. It can get super stressful, so forgive my lack of posts the past month, and there might be a slight lull during Christmas time, but please don't take that as a permanent post decrease. Once the new year comes, I'll be sure to post a lot more. Check out my new set on my account. Hope y'all are having a fantastic holiday and winter break! <3
P.S. Sorry this post was so short!
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Friday, December 14, 2012

Holiday Outfit Ideas

Hey! So these are just some cute holiday outfits to wear to school or something. I'm going to make a Polyvore set featuring all of the outfits I describe, so you can check out my Polyvore blog account,
Thanks! If you're looking for more fashion inspiration, check out my original Polyvore, I hope you guys like this and find it helpful!

First Outfit:
Shirt-Black Sweater with White Lettering
Pants-White and Red Rose Pattern Jeans
Shoes-Brown Moccasins
Purse-Pinched Black Hobo

Second Outfit:
Outerwear-Light Blue Button-Down Cardigan
Shirt-White Camisole
Pants-Dark Wash Skinny Jeans
Shoes-High-heeled Brown Buckle Boots
Purse-Gray and White Lace Clutch

Third Outfit:
Shirt-Red Three-Quarter Length Top
Pants-White Jeans
Shoes-Black Ankle Booties
Scarf-Leopard Print Wrap-around

Fourth Outfit:
Shirt-Long Sleeve Maroon Lace
Pants-Ripped Denim Jeans
Shoes-Maroon Pumps
Jacket-Light Wash Denim Vest
Purse-Gray Handbag

These are the outfits I think are real statement outfits for winter, so I hope you enjoyed! Check out the Polyvore set for a more visual idea of the outfits. Keep checking for more posts every week! Sorry for being so lazy this week on posts!
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