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Friday, December 21, 2012


Hey guys! I know I'm going to be doing a lot of traveling this week, and some of you might be too. It can get super stressful, so forgive my lack of posts the past month, and there might be a slight lull during Christmas time, but please don't take that as a permanent post decrease. Once the new year comes, I'll be sure to post a lot more. Check out my new set on my account. Hope y'all are having a fantastic holiday and winter break! <3
P.S. Sorry this post was so short!
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Friday, December 14, 2012

Holiday Outfit Ideas

Hey! So these are just some cute holiday outfits to wear to school or something. I'm going to make a Polyvore set featuring all of the outfits I describe, so you can check out my Polyvore blog account,
Thanks! If you're looking for more fashion inspiration, check out my original Polyvore, I hope you guys like this and find it helpful!

First Outfit:
Shirt-Black Sweater with White Lettering
Pants-White and Red Rose Pattern Jeans
Shoes-Brown Moccasins
Purse-Pinched Black Hobo

Second Outfit:
Outerwear-Light Blue Button-Down Cardigan
Shirt-White Camisole
Pants-Dark Wash Skinny Jeans
Shoes-High-heeled Brown Buckle Boots
Purse-Gray and White Lace Clutch

Third Outfit:
Shirt-Red Three-Quarter Length Top
Pants-White Jeans
Shoes-Black Ankle Booties
Scarf-Leopard Print Wrap-around

Fourth Outfit:
Shirt-Long Sleeve Maroon Lace
Pants-Ripped Denim Jeans
Shoes-Maroon Pumps
Jacket-Light Wash Denim Vest
Purse-Gray Handbag

These are the outfits I think are real statement outfits for winter, so I hope you enjoyed! Check out the Polyvore set for a more visual idea of the outfits. Keep checking for more posts every week! Sorry for being so lazy this week on posts!
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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Face Today-11/25/12

Hey! So this is my face today, a neutral pink look. Sorry about the dreadful lighting!!
So this is basically what I did.
Concealer-NYC Cover Stick~Under eyes and on red spots
Powder-Elf Pressed Powder in Light Beige (Elf professional Total Face brush)~T-zone and all over cheeks to temples
Primer-Elf Primer~All over lid and rubbed in with ring finger
Eyeshadow-Wet n' Wild Trio in Sweet as Candy~Pink Eyelid color all over lid (essence of beauty eyeshadow brush) Brown Crease color lightly dusted in outer corner of crease (essence of beauty crease brush) Cream Brow Bone color on brow bone and inner corner of eyes (Elf professional Eyeshadow brush)
Eyeliner-Wet n' Wild Mega Eyes defining marker in Black~ Very thin line on top lash line (not winged)
Eyelashes-Elf Eyelash Curler~Curl eyelashes
Blush-Elf Blush in Pink Passion~Lightly dusted onto brush and applied from apples of cheeks to temples
Lip Balm-EOS Lip Balm in Mint
Lip Gloss-Milani 3D Glitzy Glamour Gloss in Starshine~ Thick Coat applied on top and bottom lips
That's basically all I wore for makeup today. I hope you guys enjoyed this, and I promise to do a new one next week. Be sure to keep checking for new posts every week.
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New Series!!!

New series coming soon! The series is going to be called Face Today. It's basically a picture and description of the makeup look I'm wearing today. I probably do one every week if I can, but I will try to do it twice a week. If one is not posted one week, two will be posted the next week. I hope you enjoy this series, and happy holidays!!
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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Tips for Travel 2

So before reading this, check out my post before this, Tips for Travel;
This post will be all about my travel toiletry bag, just what's in it, and tips for what to put in.
Remember, these tips are for a very laid back week with family, so if this amount of makeup
is not what you would pack, feel free to alter it. These are just guidelines.
My bag is relatively small, so I only packed a few things. First, I packed a toothbrush and 
toothpaste, of course. I also packed a mini deodorant, and outside of my bag, I packed a 
hairbrush. I like to bring a lotion on trips, and the one I brought is the mini Bath and Body 
Works body lotion in Carried Away. I also packed some random clips for my bangs; two 
bobby pins and three small butterfly clips. I decided to bring some mint EOS lip balm, and
just to add some shine, I brought my NYC Kiss Gloss in City Sorbet. Those are the things
I brought, but here are some extra things you can bring.
If you are a bit older, you might want some concealer for under your eyes and red spots. 
You're most likely going to be staying up pretty late with your family, so you definitely want 
something to cover up your loss of sleep. I would also bring some light blush, just to amp
up your look. If you want to pack some neutral shadows, I would recommend the Elf quad
pallet in Butternut. It has some nice neutral colors that don't give too much of a dramatic
look. Those are just some tips on what to bring, but please let me know what you would
bring also. Keep checking in every week for more posts!
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Tips for Travel

So for thanksgiving, I'm at my cousin's house in Connecticut, and today I'm going to give you some packing and style tips for a fun, laid back week with the family. Try to pair things together that you can reuse in a different way again in the trip.
What I like to do to organize my suitcase is grab a note card and write down the days I'm going to be there. For me, those days are Tuesday night, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning. After that, write exactly what you will wear that day, and make sure to pack it. For instance, On Wednesday, I am wearing a long pink and white striped shirt with black pants similar to leggings, so I would just write that, and what ever shoes I am wearing (slippers). Then repeat those steps for the next few days.
On another note card, write the same days, and this time, write down your hairstyles. My Wednesday hairstyle was a half-up ponytail and my bangs are clipped up with bobby pins. Repeat throughout the days.
If you guys want to know my day styles, here they are:
Pink and white striped shirt
Black pants
Black flats (actually wore slippers)
Brown knit top
Grey leopard print jeans
Flats (actually wore sneakers because I played football and went for a run)
Blue tank top
Black pants
Grey Henley
Dark wash skinnies
Sneakers (car ride)
I hope these tips helped you pack, because they definitely helped me. Enjoy your holidays and spend some time with your family! Be sure to check in every week for new posts!
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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Seasonal Fashion: Head Start on Winter

Want to get a fresh head start on winter fashion? Well get ready to fill your closet! These are some of my favorite clothing, makeup, and accessory items that will definitely meet your splurging needs for a low price, and fill your closet with items you'll be using all winter.

First category is clothes. I love blues, whites and silvers and mixing them all together makes the perfect fall-to-winter transition. Be sure to add some patterns to your outfits, like patterned jeans, shirts or jackets. The first item is this amazing white blouse from H&M. I love the lace detailing because it's simple and can be paired with some bright or patterned jeans. I think this top is great for winter because it incorporates white, and is lightweight, so you could easily layer a fitted black blazer, and it would still fit under a warm winter jacket. This shirt can also be used for spring, because the light fabric is easy to use for lots of seasons. The blouse is available for only $29.95 at H&M. To me that's a pretty good deal for a shirt you can wear all season long. I will definitely show some ways to wear it on my Polyvore account; I hope that helps with ways to style this shirt, and be sure to show me how you would dress up this shirt. This item is definitely one of my winter must haves as a blouse that is easy to dress up or dress down, and I think that having this in your closet will definitely benefit your 'don't know what to wear' days. It's go to fashion item that I love.
Next category? Makeup!! My go to makeup items in winter vary, but I really am loving EOS lip balm, because it is so soothing to your lips and easy to apply because it has a little ball applicator. This is only $4.29 at my local CVS, but it may vary depending on where you go. I think this product is inexpensive and totally worth purchasing. I carry it in my purse all the time!
Still in the makeup category is my top favorite mascara of winter. The Maybeline Great Lash mascara in Blackest Black. I love this product because it doesn't clump that much and doesn't leave any mascara on the tip of the brush. I think that this product is great and I am very happy that I purchased it. I bought it at Target for $4.44, and that's a very good deal for such an amazing product. I especially like this product because my favorite part of my face is my eyelashes, so I love finding good mascara at low prices.I definitely recommend this product if you're looking for a good mascara to darken your eyes. It is amazing!
Next is accessories!! I love the Alex and Ani bracelets! I own the silver heart charm and I really want a new one. They are so pretty and you can make them dressy and elegant, or casual and chic. These bracelets range in price, but I think they're under $50 each at most stores. My bracelet was a gift, so I can't tell how much it costs because I don't know, but it ranges. I think they are worth the money, and I would definitely pay it for another one.
The go to accessory this winter will always be cute scarves. I especially love gauzy, lightweight fabric for the warmer days, and cozy flannels for the cold. As long as the fabric is what you want, you can totally play around with colors. Mixing deep browns with soft beige and reds, or whites and silvers with light blues and grays. Some scarves also include fringe at the end, and that's also a really nice detail that gives some flair. I especially love Remington scarves, because they have especially gauzy fabric with fringe at the edges. I bought a white one at my local Target for $10, so they are pretty cheap. Just be careful not to snag it on anything, because it's a very delicate fabric. This is definitely one of my favorite accessories for winter, and they come in so many colors and styles, so I definitely love scarves.
I hope these tips helped you, and I will definitely be posting more about the holidays, and winter fashion. Be sure to check out my blog for new posts every week!

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