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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Tips for Travel

So for thanksgiving, I'm at my cousin's house in Connecticut, and today I'm going to give you some packing and style tips for a fun, laid back week with the family. Try to pair things together that you can reuse in a different way again in the trip.
What I like to do to organize my suitcase is grab a note card and write down the days I'm going to be there. For me, those days are Tuesday night, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning. After that, write exactly what you will wear that day, and make sure to pack it. For instance, On Wednesday, I am wearing a long pink and white striped shirt with black pants similar to leggings, so I would just write that, and what ever shoes I am wearing (slippers). Then repeat those steps for the next few days.
On another note card, write the same days, and this time, write down your hairstyles. My Wednesday hairstyle was a half-up ponytail and my bangs are clipped up with bobby pins. Repeat throughout the days.
If you guys want to know my day styles, here they are:
Pink and white striped shirt
Black pants
Black flats (actually wore slippers)
Brown knit top
Grey leopard print jeans
Flats (actually wore sneakers because I played football and went for a run)
Blue tank top
Black pants
Grey Henley
Dark wash skinnies
Sneakers (car ride)
I hope these tips helped you pack, because they definitely helped me. Enjoy your holidays and spend some time with your family! Be sure to check in every week for new posts!
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