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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Tips for Travel 2

So before reading this, check out my post before this, Tips for Travel;
This post will be all about my travel toiletry bag, just what's in it, and tips for what to put in.
Remember, these tips are for a very laid back week with family, so if this amount of makeup
is not what you would pack, feel free to alter it. These are just guidelines.
My bag is relatively small, so I only packed a few things. First, I packed a toothbrush and 
toothpaste, of course. I also packed a mini deodorant, and outside of my bag, I packed a 
hairbrush. I like to bring a lotion on trips, and the one I brought is the mini Bath and Body 
Works body lotion in Carried Away. I also packed some random clips for my bangs; two 
bobby pins and three small butterfly clips. I decided to bring some mint EOS lip balm, and
just to add some shine, I brought my NYC Kiss Gloss in City Sorbet. Those are the things
I brought, but here are some extra things you can bring.
If you are a bit older, you might want some concealer for under your eyes and red spots. 
You're most likely going to be staying up pretty late with your family, so you definitely want 
something to cover up your loss of sleep. I would also bring some light blush, just to amp
up your look. If you want to pack some neutral shadows, I would recommend the Elf quad
pallet in Butternut. It has some nice neutral colors that don't give too much of a dramatic
look. Those are just some tips on what to bring, but please let me know what you would
bring also. Keep checking in every week for more posts!
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